Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hillary Clinton Interview in Thailland: As spicy as Thai food!

Secretary Clinton arrived in Phuket, Thailand on Wednesday, July 22nd. She was greeted on the tarmac by Thai women in traditional dresses.

Her main focus in Phuket is for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Regional Forum. However there is much on her to-do list including a Town Hall hosted by “World Beat with Suthichai Yoon.” This took place at the Phya Thai Palace in Bangkok, Thailand where she was greeted by Lieutenant General Supriya Mokkhavesa and Mrs. Sumuntana Mokkhaves. More than 200 people including students, young leaders, government officials, and civil society were in the audience.

During the interview, there were a lot of great moments. Hillary's introdcution and desription of Thailand was quite entertaining.

"I think that our relationship and our close partnership over the years gives us a broad understanding of Thailand. So it’s both the land of smiles and a place that is a vibrant democracy that, perhaps sometimes, its politics is as spicy as its food."

I love when she talks about her pantsuits!

"Is there any specific reason why you pick green?"

"Well, actually, I consider this turquoise. Is that wrong? It’s funny, because I know there are certain colors that I should not wear... I have been told that. But that’s all right because some of them don’t look very good on me anyway, so I am safe from that."

Aww Hill, don't beat yourself up! Seriously, what color pantsuit have you NOT rocked?

Read the full interview here! Or watch clips below!

Also, later in the afternoon, Secretary Clinton hosted Bilateral Meetings with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, Japanese Foreign Minister Nakasone, Korean Foreign Minister Yu and Chinese FM Yang at ASEAN in Phuket.

After these bilaterals it was of course, time for the US-ASEAN Ministerial as well as time to talk to the press. You can read the full transcript of her remarks from the press availability here! Or watch below:

Afterward was the signing of the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation Accession Ceremony at ASEAN. Read the full text of her remarks at the signing here! She ended the day with the ASEAN Regional Forum Ministers’ Dinner.

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