Thursday, July 16, 2009

Extra security measures taken in Mumbai ahead of Secretary Clinton's visit

Looks like the city of Mumbai is taking no chances with our Secretary of State. Sources are reporting that extra special security procedures will be in place during her scheduled visit to Mumbai on July 17. Officials are saying that Secretary Clinton's security is being given top priority.

Senior police officials say that Clinton will be checking into the Taj hotel where police have already sealed the lock of the room.

"The seal will be broken only twice -- first a day before she comes and then four hours before she checks in. The police will be checking the room thoroughly and nobody will be allowed near it. Also, the CCTVs in the hotel will be continuously monitored."
A senior security official told an Indian Media Source that Clinton's convoy would be fitted with electronic mobile phone jammers.
"This is a precautionary measure. In case any remote controlled Improvised Explosive Device (IED) has been planted at any of the places that she is scheduled to visit, the jammer will be of great help as they even block remote controls. A background check of the hotel service staff is being carried out. Also, the there will be no change in the staff, except change of shifts."
The official said that traffic movement will be monitored and controlled from any area that Clinton's convoy would go through.

"She would also be having her private security. However, assault vans of police armed with sophisticated weaponry will be stationed at all location that she plans to visit," said another senior police official.

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Stacy said...

I am absolutely floored at how much information has been out there about where she's staying, the security measures etc.

I read some article in an Indian news source which I won't even link to, which gave the exact time her plane would land in India, which airport, what time she would be walking into the Taj, how long she would be staying there, which hotel she would be in on her next stop, how and when she would arrive there and some of the security precautions which they were engaging in (in India, not the Secret Service or Diplomatic Security).

I understand that it's not uncommon for the media to report that this or that diplomat, or even the President, is staying and for how long, but the level of by-the-minute detail about her movements and some of the security measures, strikes me as a bit unsafe.

Keep in mind she's staying at the hotel that was bombed by terrorists not too long ago, which is of course why she's staying there and major props to her for doing so- but Jesus, why don't the media just fly a red flag and bait the groups to try a repeat? I'm all for the media digging around to get the facts about governments and officials, but at times they need to exercise a bit of common sense.

As of early this morning the State Dept had not even given the media the exact time of Secretary Clinton's departure from Washington.

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