Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Secretary Clinton with the Hungarian Minister, signed the Bilateral Extradition and Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties

Today, among other activities (see those here) the Secretary held a signing ceremony with the Hungarian Foreign Minister.

She and Foreign Minister Péter Balázs of Hungary signed the Bilateral Extradition and Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties.

Before, they did so, they spoke to the press:

"In a moment, the foreign minister and I will sign the Protocols of Exchange of Instruments of Ratification for the 2005 U.S.-Hungary Mutual Legal Assistance Protocols and the U.S.-Hungary Extradition Treaty. We expect these protocols will enter into force shortly after related agreements between the United States and the European Union take effect. And these twin agreements will give our police and prosecutors in both countries state-of-the-art tools to cooperate more effectively in bringing criminals to justice on both sides of the Atlantic. They form part of a network of similar agreements that the United States has reached with all the countries of the European Union.

But these agreements, as important as they are, represent one small facet of the relationship that the United States enjoys with Hungary. I look forward to working with the foreign minister as we tackle problems from European security to the Balkans, from human rights in our countries and beyond, to a real sense of working together for a more peaceful, prosperous future."

Read the full text here or watch below:

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