Monday, June 22, 2009

Secretary Clinton will NOT travel to her scheduled meetings in Europe

Well today after purusing the news, found out that Hillary was in fact at work today. She didn't have any public appearances on the schedule but State Department spokesman Ian Kelly said this to the press:
"The secretary was in the office this morning. She attended her morning staff meetings. She's already made a few phone calls. She made a bunch of phone calls over the weekend, as well."
Kelly also said she has some mobility issues because there's a "big cast" on her arm and its in a sling. And to make matters worse she's right-handed! Kelly went on to say "And she's a right-hander, so ... she's got some dexterity and mobility issues... But she was on top of her game this morning."

It also was announced that Secretary Clinton, on her doctor's advice, will not travel to Europe for two meetings.

Deputy Secretary of State James B. Steinberg will attend the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe meeting in Corfu, Greece, and Undersecretary William Burns will represent the United States at the Group of Eight foreign ministerial meeting in Trieste, Italy, department spokesman Ian Kelly said during a media briefing.

Kelly said Clinton called the foreign ministers of Italy and Greece "to express her regret that she wouldn't be able to attend those two meetings."


Hillary Clinton Army said...

I'm glad to hear she is at work, but I'm also glad to hear she's not going to Europe right now.
Frankly, I think her job seems way harder than Obama's. Just the travel schedule alone has got to be incredibly brutal.
I would like to see her take it a little easier and not push quite so hard.
That's my 2 cents.

Sarah said...

gretchen- i agree that all the traveling Hillary does sounds brutal! but i think she really loves it (bill too!) and wants to keep busy.

i bet although the rest she got was probably much needed after her surgery, she was itching to get back to work!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

There's no doubt Hillary is a force of nature. The wind blows, Hillary goes. Something like that.

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