Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hillary Clinton out of the office; meets with Obama today at the White House

Well, it was another work from home day for the Secretary. Today in the press briefing, State Deptartment spokesman Ian Kelly gave us the update on Hillary:
"Secretary Clinton worked from home this morning. I think you know she has a meeting with the President this afternoon – that will be closed press."
Kelly also expanded on what the Under Secretary, William Burns, Hillary's stand in while she is sick, has been up to. He is representing the Secretary in Trieste today for the G-8 foreign ministers meeting.

He’s already had a meeting with the G-8 political directors, and has on his schedule for later tonight bilateral meetings with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and Japanese Foreign Minister Nakasone. This will be followed by a G-8 foreign ministers working dinner. Special Envoy Mitchell has also arrived and Special Representative Holbrooke arrives tomorrow.

Hmmm just thinking here... do you think when Ian Kelly says Hillary is "working from home" do you think she is working like the photo above, with aides buzzing around here and stacks of papers, coffee and a full on pantsuit... oorrrr do you think she is in her pjs laying in bed with Oprah on mute chatting on the phone with the Chinese Foreign Minister?

I like to think it's the latter...


Hillary Clinton Army said...

I think she even wears pantsuits as pajamas, so my guess is the former.

Anonymous said...

LOL, I agree with you, Sarah.

I'd like to bring her coffee and donuts. She so deserves it.

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