Friday, May 08, 2009

Journey to Hillaryland - Hillary Clinton Art Show

This weekend I was invited to an art show in Tucson AZ, but not just any old art show... It is "Journey to Hillaryland!" by the one and only commander in chief of the Hillary Clinton Army, Gretchen Baer.

Looks like there is going to be LOTS of Hillary Clinton action going on including, but of course not limited to, "The Hillaryland Dancers", the infamous Hillcar, a toast by Judy Nagle, paintings and pantsuits signed by Hillary Rodham Clinton herself, and probably a lot more.

If you don't know this chicky or her artwork, you better head to her blog, Hillary Clinton Army, immediately. It will blow your mind. I'm not kidding. She is an incredibly talented artist and a dedicated Hillary supporter, who also happens to be super cool.

She drives around in a decked out HillCar that she painted herself... And right now her blog is filled with sneak peeks of all the great upcoming Hillary Art. I was just checking it out and seriously... someone go get my socks... cause Gretchen Baer is knocking them off!

Everything looks KILLER and I am so upset that I couldn't make it out to AZ to see her show in person! If you happen to be/live in the area go check it out. If not DEFINITELY give her blog a visit.

Here are the details of "Journey to Hillaryland":
Candelabra Gallery in Tucson, AZ
Saturday May 9th (7-11 PM) and Sunday May 10th ( 1-6 PM)
412 East 7th St., just off 4th Ave In Tucson AZ.

If you are reading, Gretchen, good luck! I can't wait to hear how everything goes!


Hillary Clinton Army said...

Wow! Blow me away with a feather! I love your blog the most, and am a loyal follower... so of-course I'm reading!
I too wish you could make the show, but perhaps you can make the next one... Martha's Vineyard, August 15th. Whoop! Whoop!

stacy said...

Awesome and inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Hey allthingshillary - why dont you go into a journey into Obamaland??? since you are pretty much an obot trying to get Hillary supporters to like Obama.

Jackie said...

Hey Anonymous that's not fair, Obama is the President, do you just wan't her to ignore it ? I love Hillary, I amm one of her biggest supporters, and I think she should be the President, but we have to accept that Hillary is the best S.O.S. we have ever had. Hopefully one day she will be President, but for now the president is Obama.

Sarah said...

a journey into obamaland? trying to get hillary supporters to like obama? seriously? are you serious right now?

yes, CLEARLY i am secretly trying to destroy hillary clinton... all of the time, the many many hours i spend EVERY SINGLE DAY researching her daily activities, appointments, her diplomatic work abroad, with foreign ministers and here at home in the US, all of the time and effort i put into creating photo galleries and newsfeeds and a twitter account and so on... all of that i did with the mere hope that hillary supporters, people i have gotten to know, respect and care for by the way, will turn against her.

WTF. i am so sick of this.

thank you jackie for calling out that anonymous person on the ridiculousness of their claim. because apparently i didnt get the memo that said if you support he Obama Administration, which hillary clinton plays a MAJOR role in, then you are an obot traitor or what ever people have been calling me.


this was a post to celebrate a fellow hillary supporter and her artistic endeavors. next time, anonymous, keep your ugly comments to yourself because i cant take it anymore

Stacy said...

When I first read 'anonymous' dismissive, mean-spirited comment I was not going to dignify it with a response, but after reading Jackie's reasoned response and then seeing Sarah's understandable frustration at the verbal attack against her, I cant help but respond-

I think it goes without saying people have a right to any opinion (and to express it) about the 2008 election, Obama, Hillary, politics in general or whatever... but I think that anyone who comes to this site and sees how devoted Sarah is to literally, *all* things Hillary, only to then trash the site, and Sarah personally , as nothing but an anti-Hillary, traitorous "Obamabot" or whatever, is showing a total lack of insight into what/who Hillary Clinton is.

The idea that Hillary supporters should all have to demonstrate some sort of ideological purity (as define by who? people like "anonymous"?) or litmus test in order to truly be a valid Hillary supporter, goes pretty much against everything Hillary Clinton has stood for for the past two decades, let alone what she stands for now as SOS.

I've noticed over the past two years that Hillary supporters are unbelievably diverse in terms of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, background and even political ideology- all that is a testament to not only her political skill but to her commitment to *real* diversity and "big tent" philosophy. I also think that the view of some- that the only way to show true support of Hillary, is by bashing Obama and his supporters- is incredibly intolerant and seems more geared towards stifling debate than encouraging it and thus I think that tactic is lazy, undemocratic and a bit cowardly.

At this stage of the game, you would think those of us who support Hillary Clinton should stick together, even if we have some political differences at times.

Sarah, keep up the great work- it's obvious zillions of people love this sight and don't let a few mean-spirited people deter you from this labor of love!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Did some people not get the memo that Hillary and Barrack are now a team?
Keep up the great work, Sarah, it is most appreciated!

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