Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hillary Clinton and freed journalist Roxana Saberi

Journalist Roxana Saberi, recently freed after four months in an Iranian prison, met today with Secretary Clinton and expressed thanks for the support she received during her confinement. Hillary said:

"Well, we are absolutely delighted and obviously, relieved to have Roxana home safely, to have her parents here with us. This was a matter of great concern to our country, certainly to the Obama Administration, to me personally, not only as Secretary of State, but as a mother. And my heart went out to Roxana and to her parents every single day.

We are just grateful now that she is free and is able to be back in this country. There were so many people who were working on her behalf, praying for her, speaking out all over the world. And it’s just a great moment for me to welcome you here."

Saberia told the press that she "gained a lot of strength and hope and didn’t feel so alone anymore" after hearing the support she had. "It’s wonderful to be back in the United States. I’m very proud to be an American, just as I’m proud of my Japanese and Iranian heritage. It’s wonderful to be back. Thank you. Thank you so much."

Read their full exchange here or watch below:


Nancy in Cali said...

thank you for posting this and for all your posts and photos each day. i always look forward to coming to this site to get my daily dose of hillary.

Stacy said...

I'm glad Roxana is home safe. I was wondering when and if she would meet with Clinton and sure enough, she did!

Lois said...

Hillary genuinely seem concerned for her well being.

Jackie said...

Hillary looks so beautiful in those bright colors. She is such a strong SOS, she will never let anything that she's passionate about ever be forgotten.

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