Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hillary Clinton and David Miliband

So, today the onlt meeting on the schedule for today was with David Miliband. This is the third meeting between them since Hillary was confirmed as Secretary of State.

Btw... I am crushing on David so bad.

"It’s wonderful to have David Miliband back. He and I have already forged a close working relationship on not only our bilateral issues but on so many of the global concerns that we both care greatly about.

We’re going to meet to catch up on a range of issues. In particular, we’ll be issuing a statement on Sri Lanka and our continuing insistence that more be done on a humanitarian basis in order to try to help the people who are trapped by this ongoing fighting get out safely.

But there is a lot on our agenda, from Afghanistan and Pakistan, to Iran and so much else. But it’s great to have you back, David."

Read their full remarks here or watch below:


Stacy said...

Washington does seem to be a frequent stop-over for Miliband, particularly given there are probably still quite a few FM's she hasn't met with at all yet, although the UK is obviously a key ally. Apparently Chinese officials are frequent visitors to the Dept. of State also.

Of course, if I were a Foreign Minister I'd find an excuse to keep hopping over to the US to meet with Sec'y Clinton too.

Stacy said...

Sarah- Since you are a fan of Miliband, have you checked out his blog? It is here.

Sarah said...

Thanks Stacy! I checked it out, its a great blog! He also has a twitter: http://twitter.com/David_Miliband

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