Friday, March 20, 2009

Underhanded Free Throws!

I can't believe I've never seen this video before! It is old, from the campaign. But it is my new favorite find. It is rare we get to see this kind of casual, off-the-cuff, let's have a beer and talk with the press moments these days... Yay for underhanded free throws!!


Meg said...

LOL you found my video! XD

Alessandro Machi said...

There was a center in the 80's who REFUSED to try an underhanded free throw even though he was TERRIBLE at free throws, one of the worst ever. I never understood that logic. Chris Dudley, take a bow.

Too bad there probably are no game films of Hillary playing basketball, would definitely be worth a watch.

Sarah said...

wait, wait... Meg from Pantsuit Politics??

yes, I swiped the video off your youtube page. where did you get it from?

Alessandro Machi- i would pay good money to watch that game!

Meg said...

LOL Yes that Meg!

Since I have realplayer I can download videos from the net. So I was looking through some videos on and saved them!

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