Thursday, March 05, 2009

Middle East and Europe Trip: NATO

Our girl Hillary is front and center in the "family photo" taken at today's NATO foreign ministers meeting at the Alliance headquarters in Brussels.

She was welcomed by European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, at the European Commission headquarters in Brussels.

She arrived and after getting her photo snapped and talking to her colleagues, she sat down and they got to work. She was seated between British Foreign Secretary David Miliband and Croatian Foreign Minister Gordan Jandrokovic, for the round table meeting.

Now, I have to gush a little bit over David. He is so cute! And he and Hillary seem to get along so well. I love them! Anyways, back to important news...

After the conference, everyone posed for the traditional "family photo." And look who is front and center. Our girl, Hil! I thought for a moment that she was the only woman at the conference but then I noticed Greek Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis...

Then Hillary attended a news conference where she gave an overview of what went on at the meeting. She began by saying:

"I came here to deliver a clear message: The United States is firmly committed to NATO, and the Obama Administration will work vigorously to renew a real dialogue within this alliance... Today, we made real progress on key items of our agenda.

First, we expressed a unity of purpose with respect to Afghanistan, NATO’s most important ongoing operation. In Afghanistan and in the border regions of Pakistan, we face a common threat, we have a common challenge, and we share a common responsibility.

The United States is working to complete our strategic review of the way forward, and today we found broad agreement on some of the basic elements of a new strategy: first, a regional approach that looks at Afghanistan and Pakistan together; second, increased and integrated civilian and military commitments; third, a strong partnership with the people of Afghanistan to provide security for safe and fair elections in August

Next, intensive development efforts to strengthen governance and promote economic opportunities; and finally, a closer relationship working with the people and Government of Pakistan...

In the previous post I noted that Russia would be at the top of the agenda at NATO. She said this on Russia:
We also today had a vigorous discussion about Russia. I thought it was absolutely invigorating to have the kind of true debate that exists among friends and allies over such an important issue. We emerged with greater unity of purpose about how to build a constructive relationship with Russia and a stronger consensus about our relations with the emerging nations of Europe’s east.
Watch her full comments below:


Joey said...

Hillary was great in that video. Clear and precise. Right on the message. She should have been the president.

Sarah said...

agree... but i have a mantra: secretary of state today, president tomorrow :)

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