Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mexico: Recap of Day One

In addition to my previous post, here is the rundown of all that Hillary did in Mexico City yesterday. Hillary was greeted by Mexican Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa as she arrives at Los Pinos presidential residence. She also held a meeting with Mexican President Felipe Calderon meets with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton inside Los Pinos presidential residence.

She held a joint press conference with Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa. "The criminals and kingpins spreading violence are trying to corrode the foundations of law, order, friendship and trust between us that support our continent," Clinton said Wednesday, "They will fail. And we will stand shoulder to shoulder with you," she said after lengthy talks with Espinosa and Mexican President Felipe Calderon.

Read their full remarks here or watch the Joint Press Conference with Mexico Foreign Secretary Patricia Espinosa below:

Hillary also attended a roundtable with Indigenous Students and Teachers at the Museum of Fine Arts. She greeted the eager audience and smiled for photos with the students during the event in support of indigenous education in Mexico City's Palacio de Bellas Artes.

Also, accompanied by Charge d'Affaires Leslie A. Bassett, Hillary inaugurates a newly constructed workspace to increase the visa processing capacity of the Consular Section of the U.S.Embassy in Mexico City. She had the honor of cutting the ribbon!

Later in the day, Hillary gathered with Mexican officials including Mexican Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa, for an early dinner, called The Women Leaders Dinner, in Mexico City.

She said this before the dinner:

"I want to reaffirm how committed President Obama and I are to this relationship which we believe is strategic, comprehensive, broad, deep, and very personal. We share a set of common values and experiences, we share a common space, and we share a common future.

And it is our great hope that we will, over the course of the next years, demonstrate a capacity to work together, unparalleled in our past, to solve problems, but more importantly, to seize opportunities and build that better future.

It is, for me, very special to be here in Mexico. I did want to come to Mexico as soon as I could. Some of you may have heard that my husband and I honeymooned in Mexico. We came back often to vacation in Mexico. He came back as President and I came as First Lady to Mexico. I’m a little worried that my Administration back in Washington may think that my coming to Mexico is not work, but pleasure; it always has been."

Read her full remarks here.

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