Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Meeting with China's Minister of Foreign Affairs Yang Jiechi

Secretary Clinton hosted China's Minister of Foreign Affairs Yang Jiechi today at the State Department. The meeting also comes less than a month after her frist trip to Asia as the U.S. chief diplomat. Which shows the increased importance this administration has put on China and the common issues we share.

Clinton, in brief comments ahead of a private meeting, said it was "very positive" that Yang agreed to travel to Washington so soon after her visit to the region.

Yang said the two ministers would be laying the groundwork for a Group of 20 (G20) summit in London next month to stem the global economic slide.

The recent naval confrontation tha happened just days ago was also on the agenda. The US Defence Department said five Chinese ships on Sunday maneuvered dangerously close to a U.S. naval vessel sailing in international waters, one of several aggressive acts recently by the Chinese Navy. She said this on the matter:

"With respect to the Impeccable, we have each stated our positions. But the important point of agreement coming out of my discussions with Minister Yang is that we must work hard in the future to avoid such incidents, and to avoid this particular incident having consequences that are unforeseen. And I appreciate the agreement that Minister Yang and I hold on this matter."

Yang also met with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner today and is set to meet with President Obama tomorrow.

Read her press statement here or watch it below:

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