Friday, March 20, 2009

Julianne Moore cast as Hillary Clinton in new movie... huh?

So yesterday I read that Julianne Moore was cast as Hillary Clinton in an upcoming movie entitled, "Special Relationship." My first reaction: Whhaaaaat?! So here are the details.

"Frost/Nixon" playwright and screenwriter Peter Morgan is lining up his directorial debut, a film that would be the third movie in the Tony Blair trilogy launched in 2003 by Stephen Frears' British TV movie "The Deal" and followed by "The Queen."

The movie is about the 'special relationship' between Bill Clinton and Tony Blair in 1997 when Blair was came to power to the 2000 presidential elections. It will also show how Blair grew frustrated because so much of Clinton's attention was taken up with the storm around Monica Lewinsky.

Michael Sheen and Helen McCory have been asked to reprise their roles as Tony and Cherie Blair from the 2006 film The Queen. So, you would think that they are looking for look-a-like actors for the new roles right? I guess not so much.. The choice of red-head Julianne Moore to portray Hillary Clinton as First Lady was kind of shocking at first. But after I mulled it around in my mind a bit, I think she might be able to pull it off... whaddya think?

And the role of Bill Clinton is to be taken on by Dennis Quaid, who is hardly a double for Bill Clinton. I honestly don't know if they can pull this one off! He beat out four other actors under consideration - Russell Crowe, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Alec Baldwin and Tim Robbins. None of which I think would make a good Bill...

Who will play Monica? No one. Morgan has decided to use only archive footage of her culled from TV news bulletins and video of her closed-door testimony to Congress. Which I think is a good choice.

Morgan initially planned to focus the film on George W. Bush as well as Bill Clinton, but decided to narrow its scope to the intimate relationship between Blair and Clinton between 1997 and 2000. The writer researched the picture in Washington, D.C., and Little Rock, Ark., last summer.

'Special Relationship' starts filming in the UK and US in July.

Ok guys, in the film version of Bill and Hillary's life, who can we come up with better than those listed above to play them?? Besides Darryl Hammond and Amy Poehler who do we got?


Anonymous said...

There is nobody who can play Hillary and do her justice. I just feel lucky to be on earth at the same time as the real, living Hillary. Nobody can match anything about her - especially her beauty. You can try to use make-up and wigs, but what is special about Hillary comes from deep inside her and it shines out like a beacon. You cannot "play" that.

Anonymous said...

I liked Emma's portrayal of Hillary in Primary Colors. But this cast seems blah. I hope this movie is good and not meanspirited.

Anonymous said...

I liked Emma too. Julianne Moore is always blah to me. I only liked her in The Hand that Rocks the Cradle. And why not Rebecca DeMornay? But nobody will be able to give off the inner spark that is Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Nobody can play Hillary -- or Bill.

This sounds like standard Clinton-bashing propaganda.

Sarah said...

It is true, it is not easy to "play" Hillary or Bill... I don't think anyone can capture in a true sense who they are... I have a feeling it will just come off too spoofy, ya know?

@conanincharge- I agree, I hope the movie isn't mean spirited either! That is the first thing I thought when I heard this.

Anonymous said...

I think it comes from people who want us to think that the only thing that happened in eight years of the Clinton presidency was the impeachment.

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