Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hillary says the "war on terror" is history

Don't get all confused GW... we are talking about the phrase "war on terror"...

For seven years, this was probably the most used phrase of the Bush administration. Some may even call it a go-to phrase. Well, Monday en route to the Netherlands, Hillary Clinton is saying the phrase has been shelved.

She made it clear that there has been no directive from her office or within the Obama administration, but said those in the administration have stopped using the term.

"The administration has stopped using the phrase, and that speaks for itself, obviously."
George W. Bush adopted the phrase "war on terror" to define U.S. policy after the Sept. 11 attacks. He used it as a rallying cry. Soon, Pentagon officials turned the term "global war on terror" into an acronym, GWOT.

However, the phrase eventually came to symbolize the Bush administration's unpopular foreign policy and its detention practices.

Nonetheless, the Obama administration has denied officially banning the phrase or anything like that. Hillary says it's simply "just not being used."

I agree with Hil, ditching this phrase speaks for itself, we are no longer going to be a country that spreads fear among its own people. What's worse - terrorizing someone else's country, or terrorizing your own? Well, it doesn't matter, because Bush and Cheney are guilty of both.


Anonymous said...

No matter what words they use it is still the WAR ON TERROR!!!!! Changing the words does not get rid of the fact their is terrorists that want to kill us.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous. My name is Jackie D and I'm from Jacksonville, FL. The reason I enter my name is the only thing I would be able to choose in the profile was anonymous and I do not choose to be anonymous.
How much longer will it be before we have another 9/11? One of the first film clips we saw of Bin Ladens was him laughing and saying the reason he chose to attack us was because he saw Clinton as a "weak president". If he saw Clinton as weak what impression does he have of Obama? Obama has diminshed the dignity of the white house; made us look like wimps on the war on terror ("in the past the US has gone into a country like a dictator instead of learning of the needs of the country"), grabbed as much power as he can and is quickly moving our country to socialism. That man, if he truly loves his country, should resign.

PYW said...

Jackie D, Changing the terminology doesn't mean we're letting our guard down. At least I hope not.

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