Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The US has no better friend in the world than Australia!

Hillary met with Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd today and hosted a working lunch in Washington where they discussed a range of issues affecting the two countries. And at a later media conference in the Benjamin Franklin room of the State Department both reaffirmed their commitment to close co-operation on foreign policy. Hillary stated:

"America doesn't have a better friend in the world than Australia, a friend through good times and hard times on so many of the historic and difficult challenges that have faced the United States and Australia, both singly and together... We have reaffirmed our commitment to working closely on the range of difficult problems, but also exciting opportunities that lie ahead."

Mr Rudd had great things to say about Hillary and he reaffirmed her popularity in the global world saying Secretary Clinton was "a genuine friend of Australia" and that her recent visit to east Asia had sent "a very strong positive signal to our part of the world about this administration's engagement in the Asia-Pacific."

A spokesman for Mr Rudd later said the two reaffirmed the importance of close foreign policy cooperation between Australia and the US and they also discussed the future of the Asia-Pacific region.

Read their full remarks here or watch below:


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