Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Go Team Obama!

Again U.S. News and World Report is putting out silly little articles. And of course, I am posting about them. (Don't blame me, I can't resist!)

They recently reported on "Team Obama" comprised of National Security Adviser James Jones, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, saying they have "hit it off." (Not surprisingly!)

And this time around they are reporting on a similar subject: How Hillary is fitting in her new role in the Obama administration.

According to their reports Hillary "has put the concerns of President Obama and his advisers to rest about her loyalty to the man who defeated her for the Democratic presidential nomination last year," according to senior democrats with close ties to the White House.

"They are very happy with Hillary," says an Obama administration insider, referring to members of Obama's inner circle. "She is a real team player. And with her work ethic and competence at the State Department, there's one less thing for them to worry about."

They also reported that another advantage is her popularity in many nations around the world. A popularity that has remained since she was First Lady.

"She represents America very well," the Obama insider says, adding that Secretary Clinton is expected to be on the road "a lot" in the coming months with a message that the Obama administration is far more interested in working with its allies than was the administration of Obama's predecessor, George W. Bush.

Well, to me there isn't and there was never any doubt that Hillary Clinton is a team player. All through her political career she has demonstrated that she is a team player and has always fought for what is RIGHT, no matter WHO was on the right side.

She is much to dignified, graceful, and intelligent to hold a grudge against Obama. She doesn't play childish, petty politics like her Republican counterparts.

I am so proud of her and the work she is doing as Secretary of State. Go Hil, keep making us proud!


Mahlers5th said...

Great blog- keep up the good work!

Nancy in Cali said...

SHE may be dignified, graceful and too intelligent to hold a grudge - but not all of us are!! lol

E. Kramer said...

Good blog. I went over and read the article on "Team Obama". I'm so proud of Hillary! Ditto on that grudge, Nancy. :)

pm317 said...

Nancy in Cali, your are right!

Sarah, thank you for this blog. You run a dignified shop yourself. But I can't hold my tongue. Come on over to NQ to read my post on this article.

Mahlers5th, now 4th is my favorite. What makes 5th special?

Anonymous said...

I follow all she doing and She is a wonderful Sec. of State. She is first class.

Anonymous said...

I got the grudge too, Nancy.

But true, Hillary - as we have always known - is wysiwyg. She is popular here and all over the world because of her hard work, her cheerful openness, her brilliant mind, and her adorable looks. She's so natural - people are just drawn to her.

I don't really care what the cronies in the White House think, I care that she is out there working hard for us as always.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I got the grudge too!

Thankfully, you created this blog. I am now a regular daily visitor.

Mahlers5th said...


Everyone thinks Gustav wrote the adagietto for Alma. Actually, he wrote it for me, he just didn't know it at the time. ;)

Sarah said...

thanks everyone!

@pm317 and Nancy in Cali- I do try... try being the operative word.. to be as dignified as Hillary but we all know that is just too hard sometimes! plus, getting a little out of control is fun...

and i think still4hill is dead on- the cronies in washington can try to stir up some drama but all she, and us Hillary fans, care about is the awesome work she is doing every single day.... and the occasional hot pink pantsuit ;)

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