Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bill Banner in Kosovo

Bill Clinton has been on huge display in Pristina, Kosovo, recently. On March 24th, a man in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo, displayed a giant banner of former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

This isn't the first dedication to go up for the former President. I have heard that Kosovo has an obsession with Bill Clinton. Bill is everywhere. On the entrance to the city, there is a massive banner hanging from a large apartment building with Clinton's face on it, proclaiming "Welcome to Prishtina." There are Bill Clinton restaurants and even a Hillary restaurant!

A 2.2-mile boulevard was refurbished and renamed “Bill Clinton,” graced by a prominent 40-foot high photo of the former president. Shop owners—of corner stores, marble supply and tailor shops are naming their businesses after Clinton. There is a Hillary boutique on Bill Clinton Avenue! But I think my personal favorite is the Bill Clinton cement factory.

Kosovo also honored the 42nd President, their "savior," by erecting a 10-foot tall statue of Bill in the capital of Serbia's breakaway province.

Their fascination with Clinton comes at no surprise. They believe he and NATO saved them from being ethnically cleansed by the Serbs. He is a hero, as are Americans. Throughout Kosovo, almost every hotel and related business has an American flag and a NATO flag in addition to the Kosovo flag in front of their establishment.

The most recent poster of Bill going up marked the decade anniversary since NATO launched an air campaign against Serbia. Former President Bill Clinton backed the NATO air campaign that drove Serbian forces out of Kosovo in 1999.

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