Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Articles on Hillary Clinton's pantsuits

Working on the "Pantsuit" section of the blog, that I have been badly neglecting...

I just added a bunch of pantsuit-related articles here! So, I thought I would share this article from September of 2008 for those who haven't seen:

The article is on Susanna Chung Forest, the designer of Hillary's pantsuits! If it weren't for this woman, who knows WHAT Hillary would be wearing!

In the workshop she runs at the Susanna Beverly Hills boutique, she keeps a photo album stuffed with glossy shots of Clinton in some of the designer's pantsuits, a mannequin made to the senator's measurements and reams of sketches and fabric swatches.

"She actually has a beautiful shape, very womanly," says Forest, who went on to make a permanent mannequin based on Clinton's body, as she does with all her clients.

Various designs and fabric swatches are marked with the initials “H.C.” Forest researched the kinds of outfits Clinton had worn in the past to come up with her own take on the senator's ensembles. “I knew they had to be classic and conservative but also a little fitted, to show her shape, her power,” she says.


Stacy said...

Tthanks for this. I have been wondering how HRC had all these seemingly-original pantsuits and who made them. She looks awesome in them.

Anonymous said...

very interesting! I would agree that she looks great in the suits, and also that she has a very womanly, very beautiful shape. It's refreshing to see that, given this society's lust for skeletal women.

Jackarooty said...

I had read last year that she had her pantsuits custom made and they cost several thousand dollars per suit.
All I can think of is that MSNBC idiot Tweety Matthews criticizing her on the night she won her NY Senate second term re-election. She was wearing a lovely yellow pantsuit and ALL he could say was that she looked like a school bus.
I think she always looks great, polished and professional. I still want to know who made that beautiful trench coat with the exquisite lining she wore on her first overseas trip as SoS.
Thanks for the post. It was fun to read!

AJ Halliwell said...

:D Yay! I love Hillary's politics and personality, and have come to consider this blog almost a news source on foreign policy, but I am still entertained by Hillary and her pantsuits.

Thanks for getting the pantsuit section! hope to see the galleries up sometime soon.

Stacy said...

I can't stand when the media or others criticize Hillary for her looks/her clothes because a) she's beautiful and b) they don't do that with male politicians (John Edwards notwithstanding).

Sarah said...

AJHalliwell - yea ive been neglecting the other sections of the site including the pantsuit gallery.... it will happen soon though i promise!

btw... i JUST finally got the HillMap working so that should be caught up soon and will be updated accordingly!

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