Thursday, May 07, 2009

Secretary Hillary Clinton's Russian bilateral with Sergey Lavrov

This morning Secretary Clinton had bilaterals with Rangin Dadfar Spanta, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as well as with Makhdoom Shah Mehmood, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The Secretary also held bilaterals with Miroslav Lajcak, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic and Franco Frattini, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Italian Republic.

Watch the meeting with Miroslav Lajcak, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic at the State Department below:

But what got the most attention today was the bilateral and working lunch with His Excellency Sergey Lavrov, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Secretary Clinton said linking tension in Georgia with the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) amounted to "old thinking" while Mr Lavrov said arms reduction was too important to "make it hostage" to the dispute with Tbilisi.

"It is I think old thinking to say that we have a disagreement in one area, therefore we should not work on something else that is of overwhelming importance. That's just not the way we think."
"If you look at what we are doing on START and non-proliferation, that has to do with the future safety of the world and the United States and Russia bear a special responsibility... So we are working very hard together."
Mr Lavrov, standing next to Ms Clinton in an ornate room at the State Department, agreed.

"The task of further reductions of strategic offensive weapons is too important for both Russia and for [the] US and, for the entire world in fact, to make it hostage of any particular regime anywhere around the globe," Mr Lavrov said.


christine said...

i am loving the ruffled jacket! she looks amazing.

Stacy said...

I kind of find myself looking forward to seeing which pantsuit she is wearing each day. I almost hate saying that because some might call that sort of focus on her fashion, sexist, but given that I also look forward to hearing her comments on mid-east peace, nuclear proliferation, gay rights, etc., maybe I am off the hook? ;)

Speaking of gay rights, for those interested, she has done more to give gay/lesbian State Dept employees a long overdue reason for hope than any other in history given on her very first day there, she stated her commitment to getting rid of policies which discriminated against gay State Dept. employees *and their families*. When I saw that I almost cried I was so happy!

Sarah said...

oh i totally look forward to seeing what she is wearing too... and i dont think its sexist because exactly what you said. we are interested in all things hillary does for our country as well!

and yea its great what Hillary is doing for gay/lesbian State Dept employees... now if she can only end discrimination in ALL workplaces in the US

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