Welcome to All Things Hillary, your resource for that's right, all things Hillary Clinton! I report on the latest news on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's travels and work by posting photos, videos, and news articles. But it's not all business here, we do have some fun with pantsuit galleries, political polls and general chat about politics, policy and pantsuits.

All Things Hillary is a site for all those interested in Hillary Clinton, the State Department or politics in general. All political affiliations are welcome and those with opinions opposing to my own are not only welcome but encouraged!

Here at ATHC, reporting current events and news are definitely at the top of the list but I also want to keep an open dialogue on issues and topics of the day. I encourage comments from all readers. I think we have a great forum between readers on ATHC and I only encourage more discussion and dialogue. It not only makes for great reading, but it brings the Hillary Clinton support community together.

A litle bit about me? Well, I'm Sarah and I'm the editor of All Things Hillary. I started the All Things Hillary blog in February of 2009 in order to create a place for those who maybe felt a little lost and out of the Hillary Clinton loop to keep updated on the news and to be a part of a hub of photo galleries, articles, video and gossip about anything Hillary.

I was an active and hardcore supporter of Hillary Clinton during the 2008 primaries. And after some healing time, I turned my efforts in support of my hometown Senator, Barack Obama over John McCain in the general election. (As if there was ANY question... ) I support the new Obama Administration and I think Hillary Clinton is playing a hugely important and exciting role.

I am obsessed with all things political, wonky, geeky etc... its all the same right? I am a total news junkie and I was super excited to plan my first trip to Washington D.C. during the 2008 primary campaign in hopes of being present for the inauguration of Hillary Clinton to become the first woman President of the United States. Instead it was the inauguration of President Obama, almost as awesome. (To read about my trip, through the eyes of my friend Caitlin, visit her blog entitled "Barack Obama is Ruining My Life" which gives a very detailed and funny account of our D.C. trip. Trust me, it's NOT what you think. But it IS hilarious!)

It was a great trip and a great experience. And it was a great honor to be present on January 21st in the Senate Gallery for the roll call vote to confirm Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. It was the highlight of my trip and the highlight of my year so far!

All in all, I love blogging, tweeting (twitter.com/allthingshill) and I love politics. Currently, I am living and working out of my hometown, Chicago.

I'd love to hear back from you! To contact me, please email me on the Contact Me page.

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